The new height adjustable desk “Stand up”



We have made a huge leap forward with our new “Stand Up”, increasing the user’s experience drastically. The new desk has a refurbished design, aimed to please everyone’s eye. There are no more hanging cables, or electricity trays. Everything is packed for maximum comfort.
Endless health tests show that sitting down all day long is harmful to your health and that standing periodically has tremendous benefits. That’s why we focus on building the best standing desks out there. At ErgoLain group we continue to innovate to bring the comfort to your workspace.
The adjusting capabilities have also been improved: Thanks to our trustworthy partners LINAK the table can now lift up to 160 kilograms so you can be safe whenever you need a lift to change a light bulb. And for the first time, it’s completely silent!
As always, the new desk is compatible with our app so you can set preferences, manage your standing schedule, and control everything from a distance.



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